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Kent Flowers, Barrydale, Western Cape, South Africa

Kent Flowers was founded by Willem and Joerine Nel in 1985.  The founders started delivering flowers to a local export company for a few years.  In the years that followed, Willem & Joerine Nel started to explore with the international dried flower market themselves, exporting flowers around the world, leading to the success of Kent Flowers.

Delivering high quality products with world class service to their customers are Kent Flowers’ first priority.  To date, Kent Flowers has grown from a small business into a company that has over 100 full time employees.

The management team of Kent Flowers now consists of Willem & Joerine, their two sons, Attie & Johan and their wives.  Adamant to stay one of the leading export companies of dried flowers, Kent Flowers will keep on delivering the best service and serve their market with the best quality of products.